Collection: Made to Order

Library of images that I have on hand.

How to order:

Pick the image, color of item, size, garment choice (shirt, hoodie, crew neck etc.). NOTES section is helpful if you are looking for something more custom, you should also reach out to me to ensure clarifications are made! Thanks for keeping my creative outlet running!!


Keep in mind!!

My images do not go well on dark shirts, this is why I use the bleach or icedye process. I am working on doing screen printing, so I don't have to bleach, however it is costly and I am just one person and I would like to keep my garments affordable and unique as much as possible. So if you are looking for no bleaching or a solid color please reach out to me for advice! I can do heat vinyl, and yes it upholds well over time, I have tested the brands that I use just like all shirt brands and dyes! For solid color shirts I suggest picking an all black image for the best image quality!!